About the Research

Social media technologies transform how we share, communicate, and interact with one another. On our college and university campuses, new media applications and platforms are transforming how students, staff, faculty, and alumni engage with one another. As these social, emerging technologies impact teaching, learning, research, and work functions on campus, we need to understand how social media use and behaviors are being supported. To help higher education administrators and organizational leaders effectively guide social, emerging technologies, we prove a summary of 250 institutional policy documents and we offer a sociotechnical framework to help support strategic, long-term technology planning for organizations and their stakeholders.

This is a video summary of:
Pasquini, L. A., & Evangelopoulos, N. (2016). Sociotechnical stewardship in higher education: A field study of social media policy documents. Journal of Computing in Higher Education, 1-22. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1007/s12528-016-9130-0 Published Online November 21, 2016.

Download the paper from the Journal of Computing in Higher Education here:
Or a pre-print version of the original paper:

This video features Social Media Hand Drawn Icons made by Icon Ninja from http://www.iconninja.com/social-hand-drawn-icon-sets-548 and the song Funky Element by composer Benjamin Tissot as licensed royalty free from his website: http://www.bensound.com

What is this research all about? 

With the increasing use of social media in higher education, a number of educators, faculty, and administrators are rarely considering the impact for effective implementation and use at our institutions.  The post-secondary education institutions are utilizing social media to communicate and engage their campus community; however there is little information or examination of the social media policies, guidelines, and strategies imposed by the campus. To pursue this research, I have built a database of social media guideline and policy documents that are publicly accessible from post-secondary education institution websites.

More information about the research background, purpose, and questions.

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